Making Worship Fun For Kids – Outdoor Night Sermons Lit Up With LED Lights

While we can often feel as though there’s a barrier that prevents us from really getting to know our kids, we have more influence on them than many of us realize. The habits, attitudes and behaviors we exhibit is often directly emulated by children whether or not anyone even realizes it. Studies have been performed that linked depression in mothers to the increased risk of the child developing emotional problems.

Understanding that you have such a strong influence on your kids, consider how you can use this to your advantage when you teach them the importance of sincere worship and the development of a spiritual relationship with God. As a parent, you’re not only responsible for ensuring the provision of the physical needs of your children. You must also ensure they receive the opportunity to understand life as God intended. There are some ways you can make worship fun and help your kids develop the character necessary to represent everything our faith stands for.

Taking the Sermon Outdoors


Let’s face it. Sunday school can sometimes feel like a classroom setting, and not many kids want to be in that environment on the weekend. You can both intrigue children as well as bring them closer to nature and God when you decide to take your discussion and worship outdoors. You could even consider going out at night when you can gaze at the wonders of the night sky. When you purchase LED lights for your tailgate, you better ensure you get to any destination to enjoy the mystique of the endless night sky.

Think in Color


Kids enjoy the ability to put their words and thoughts into colorful pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and you’d be surprised of the compelling messages your kids can send using just a box of crayons. During your next worship session, invite kids to draw their prayers. A great way to introduce the activity is to have the kids grab six small pieces of paper. On them, instruct them to draw:

  • Three things they are thankful for
  • Two people they would like prayed for
  • One thing they would like to ask God for themselves

This is a great activity as it shows kids the proper balance of the variety of consideration that should be made, making sure not to put too much of a focus on self. By spreading the focus, this helps kids understand the importance of leaning on and helping one another. Have the slips turned in at the end of the worship session so kids know their thoughts make a difference.

Institute a Prayer Wall


This is a fun activity anyone can enjoy, and you can do it at home or in the church setting. Designate a wall and cover it with large sheets of paper. If this is not available, simply place several packages of Post-It notes nearby. This will be a special place where prayer and  meditation will take place. Whenever your child feels the need, encourage them to take their problems to God and utilize this designated new spot. There should be no rules regarding the use of colorful crayons, markers, and colored pencils to clearly depict what’s on their mind, and you should be sure to leave all supplies at a level smaller children can reach.

Preparing the Future Generation

The compelling walk mankind has enjoyed with God extends across all generations, and it’s estimated that the Bible itself was written by at least six different authors dating as far back as 600 BC. When you do your part in instilling a love for God and worship in your kids at a young age, you can more easily encourage them to enjoy a close and educated relationship with our Higher Power. Remember that you have much more influence over your young children than you likely realize. By utilizing these helpful tips, you can be on your way to using this influence to make a positive and long-lasting difference in their lives.