How Our Church has Embraced Technology

The entire world has already embraced technology so much that it has almost become impossible to live and keep up with the pace of the rest of the world without it.

From stores to restaurants to big businesses and even each and everyone’s home, what once was a day full of manual labor, is now almost completely replaced with a simple push of a button, a click on a computer, a swipe on a phone, and even through a voice activated door lock.

Indeed, technology has swiftly taken over our daily lives and some jobs are even created just to make sure that these gadgets are always working properly and accurately, as a little trouble would lead to a series of unfortunate events.

Sometimes, we are left to wonder the “what ifs” of technology – what if it suddenly fails for good? What will become of the systems that are greatly dependent on it? What if it becomes too powerful and replaces humans in everyday tasks? Will there still be something left for us to do? What if technology turns out to be the worst thing that ever happened to the human race? Can we still keep up and take control over it?

Some of these thoughts may seem to “movie-like” for some of you out there, but those movies were not created out of nothing. Even if they are fictional, they are based on these “what ifs” which hold possibilities of happening.

However, no matter what negativity that we sometimes feel from this world that technology has grown out to be, we also cannot deny the fact that it has largely changed our lives for the better as well.

Difficult tasks are made easier and what took years to develop and create can now be achieved at a quicker pace.

This is the reality we are given and this is the world we live in now, we must embrace it and we must do our part in making sure that these technological advances would only be used for the benefit of the human race, and not to be abused for power or greed or other selfish reasons. This way, we can ensure that the bad things we see in the movie would not have the chance to happen in real life; because we are responsible and we know what the limits of our human prowess should be.

Voip Services in the Church through AT&T
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As evidence of this acceptance of technology, even our church has slowly transitioned into a more “techie” church. From simple projectors and computers, to the elaborate lights and sound systems, our church has come to reap the benefits of technology just as how other establishments do.

Of course, the very main thing that the church gained access to is the Internet, which is like the web that connects almost all of these technologies together, and sometimes is the only reason that some devices are working properly.

The church has taken a plan from the AT&T network and its VoIP services, and now the communication lines to and from churches, the offices and the people serving in the church community have easier and quicker ways to relay messages to one another.