Frequently Asked Questions


Kathleen is a Presbyterian with a close relationship with God. She enjoys great fellowship with the Almighty Father and seeks to encourage you to do the same. God loves us all and is for all of us.

The New City Pres is a platform with inspirational, motivational, and enlightening content about God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We share the love, faith and hope that Christ instilled in Kathleen, with the world. We’d like everyone to enjoy having a close fellowship with their Creator, God, Father, and Savior.

Pres is a short form of the word Presbyterian. This is a type of Christian denomination.

Kathleen doesn’t just believe in God because she’s told to, it’s written in the Bible, or that others follow Him. Instead, Kathleen has had personal encounters with God and received several revelations from him. Her heart, mind, soul, body, and spirit believe in God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Her entire being just believes and hopes in God. She’s also experienced various miracles from the creator. For instance, when she was ill and everyone turned their backs on her, and doctors couldn’t help her, God didn’t just stay by her side, but also healed her sickness. Truly Jehovah is God.

Kathleen believes in both God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus said that those who believe in Him also believe in His Father and vice versa. The converse is also true. You can’t believe in the Father and claim not to know Jesus because the two are one, together with the Holy Spirit.

God is happy with those who believe and trust in Him. You must repent your sins and seek God’s endless mercies to begin seeking Him. Once He cleanses and purifies you from sin, you can freely communicate with Him through prayers, worship, and praise.

He always has His eyes on the righteous and ears listening to their prayers. God is always ready and willing to accept us and forgive us our sins.