Enjoy Life the Way God Intended With Good Health In Sleep, Posture and Excercise

God made each and every one of us in His own image, and we know from His Word that He loves us all. It would only make sense that our Heavenly Father would want us to actively enjoy the many wonderful things this life has to offer. What many of us don’t realize, however, is that there are certain habits we get into that decrease our overall quality of life.

Once you realize you’re doing something that has a negative impact on your life, only you have the ability to change that. You only have one life to live, and there are three ways you can enjoy yours the way God intended.

1. Better Sleep for a Better You

sleep-1209288_640While you are sleeping and enjoying much-needed rest after a long day, there are a number of things going on in your body. From hormone releases necessary for things such as muscle development to the development of energy in both the brain and body, this is a time of much-needed rejuvenation to better allow you to face the next day with success.

Unfortunately, it’s estimated that around one in three adults don’t get the quality sleep they need. A great way to overcome this problem without breaking the bank is to invest in mattress toppers. They simply lay on top of your existing mattress to give it the feel of a whole new bed. Best of all, you can easily find a product that matches your unique comfort settings when you visit. I use a bamboo mattress pad and it works great. Here, you can find what others have to say regarding their experiences with a product you may be considering before making the final purchasing decision.

2. You’re Never Too Old to Play

playingOnce we enter adulthood, we feel it’s necessary to behave in a more mature manner than we expressed during childhood. While this is necessary for the most part, an aspect of childhood we’d be better off keeping within our nature is play. Whether this is done with your spouse, kids, or friends, playing helps maintain relationships, encourage relaxation, and even provide you with an added level of exercise. God wants us to be happy with our lives, and just a few other ways a playful game of tag or hide-and-go-seek can benefit include:

  • Boosts creativity
  • Improves overall brain functioning
  • Keeps you looking and feeling young and energetic

3. Proper Posture

comfortEspecially in our modern society where a growing number of people spend their days in an office sitting in front of a computer, it can be easy to lose sight of proper posture. While this may seem to be a minor issue, there are numerous long-term consequences of poor posture including:

  • Change in the natural curve of the spine
  • Poor digestion
  • Increased risk of the development of cardiovascular problems
  • Varicose veins
  • Back pain

If you’re posture could use some work, the good news is that you don’t have to have it constantly on your mind to correct. There are a number of posture-correcting products on the market that can be worn under your regular clothes that will cause you to automatically assume proper posture when in use.

Making the Most of Every Moment

It’s estimated that we make 35,000 decisions each and every day. While many of them seem minute, the fact is that, when looking at the bigger picture, they turn out to hold more power over our lives than we realize. It takes acknowledgement to correct a problem, and that’s why God gave us this capability and the knowledge to be able to recognize this.

God loves us all, and He wants you to be able to fully enjoy the only life you have to live. These three tips can help you do just that, and these examples are just a drop in the bucket. There are endless ways you can implement minor changes that will have a large positive impact on your life. All you have to do is acknowledge them.