Dedicating Time For The Church Choir

My fascination with playing guitar started since I was a little kid. As far as I remember, I was just 10 years old when I started playing guitar. I grew up in a musically inclined family. My mother was a singer and my father was a guitarist too. Our family is an active member of our church. In fact, both of my parents were active members of the church music group. I was exposed to that kind of set up at a very young age. I always look up to my parents because through music they were able to serve God and honor their faith.

My dad enrolled me in a formal guitar training class. I was blessed because my parents supported me all the way. They were more than willing to spend money just to support my passion at playing guitar. At a young age, I became an active member of the church choir, particularly as the church choir guitarist.  Playing the guitar is a form of showing my praise and faith to the one up there. I know that without him I am nothing.

Aside from the masses that I get the chance to play the guitar for, we also have worship seminars twice a week. So these days add to the time that I also go to church not just on Sundays, but also during rehearsals. But despite the demand for time, I never once complained and I always look forward to these gatherings. I make it a point to put the choir among my top priorities.

Of course, there are times when I can’t really make it, especially when I am not feeling well and exhausted. Last Friday was our routine practice, but I wasn’t able to make it as I had the flu. I and my friends climbed one of the highest mountains in our country and after that I was not feeling well. I got headache, body weakness, colds, and coughs. I can’t even manage to get up to bed. We had a Sunday worship and if I will not be there, then nobody will play the guitar for them. I somehow feel guilty because I stressed myself too much. I took a rest, drink lots of water, and took my medicine. I was feeling bit better and on Sunday afternoon I was able to attend the Sunday service. The incident only proved to me that there will always be a way to overcome our problems if we work hard enough to achieve it. I did not want to miss the Sunday choir so I made sure to replenish my body in order to cater to my service to my friends, my community, and of course, to my God.

Worship Seminars
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