Musical Performance and Public Speaking Tips in the Church

Many people have irrational fears about things that will never harm them, barely physically damage if they’re exposed to feared situations, or be unlikely to occur in the first place. Glossophobia, the appropriate term for the fear of public speaking, affects an astounding 74% of the United States population. It doesn’t make sense, but the […]

Staying Safe on the Road This Holiday Season

During this time of the year, we relish in the ability to take some much-needed time off work and reunite with loved ones we haven’t seen since last year. As happy as this time of year can make us, the unfortunate aspect all too many of us to face is the fact that we often […]

Making Worship Fun For Kids – Outdoor Night Sermons Lit Up With LED Lights

While we can often feel as though there’s a barrier that prevents us from really getting to know our kids, we have more influence on them than many of us realize. The habits, attitudes and behaviors we exhibit is often directly emulated by children whether or not anyone even realizes it. Studies have been performed […]

How Our Church has Embraced Technology

The entire world has already embraced technology so much that it has almost become impossible to live and keep up with the pace of the rest of the world without it. From stores to restaurants to big businesses and even each and everyone’s home, what once was a day full of manual labor, is now […]

Dedicating Time For The Church Choir

My fascination with playing guitar started since I was a little kid. As far as I remember, I was just 10 years old when I started playing guitar. I grew up in a musically inclined family. My mother was a singer and my father was a guitarist too. Our family is an active member of […]

My Guitar Skills As A Gift From God

They say that a guitar is one of the most expressive musical instruments. Every string represents an emotion and every strum symbolizes the soul of the guitar player. I became interested in playing guitar at a very young age. I was only 10 years old and my parents decided to enroll me in a music […]

When Churches Experience Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration For Flooded Churches

Witnessing a community that helped in the Water Damage Restoration of Flooded churches In a natural disaster like typhoon, structures including churches and temples are not spared from the impact of the plague. The effect of gusty winds and heavy rains may cause tiled floors to be severely damaged not only with the volumes of […]

Life of a Theology Student

You probably Know that I sing and play the guitar for our church choir. Then, I’m pretty sure it won’t be that shocking to reveal that I am also CONSIDERING becoming a Theology student someday, when the right time comes. People think that when you study Theology or end up in a seminary, everything is […]

Musical Creativity Using the Little Things

While the music industry is full of songs about love and broken hearts and of those sorts, there are also songs that sing about the little things. Like a favorite car, house, guitar, and all other sort of things that you would not have thought to become sensible as part of a lyrics of a […]