My name is Austin Anderson and I am a guitarist at New City Presbyterian church.

I am very passionate about blogging and music, that is why  I blog about music, to hit two birds with one stone.

I try to compose and I try to sing, but what I really am confident about and what I like to do most is play my guitar.

My blogs also share some highlights of my faith and my life as a guitarist for a church choir, and how it helps me keep a closer relationship with my God through music and service.

There is nothing more fruitful and enlightening than being able to share my God-given gifts and talents to other people.

I have been playing my guitar ever since I was nine years old, and I started playing for the choir when I was 15. Since then, I have grown and gained more inspiration for my music. And even though I have not succeeded in composing “hit songs,” I have been successful in my role as a guitarist for my church and the community that hears our choir sing every mass.

I will be forever thankful of this gift, and as a way of showing my appreciation, I decided to write this blog in order inspire others with a gift just like mine, or for those that wish to learn how to play the guitar.