About Us

The Founder

Kathleen E. Crews

Kathleen E. Crews is the founder and owner of the New City Pres. She’s a writer and blogger with lots of love for the Creator. Crews is a dedicated religious lady with love and respect for God. She also appreciates others who are her neighbors.

Crews lives in California where she went to school and grew up. She's an inspirational writer, speaker, and spiritual coach. She started this blog to inspire and motivate readers to be closer to GOD. She also encourages and teaches her audience about God and how to develop a relationship with Him.

Crews also uses the platform to share her personal spiritual life, journeys and experiences to motivate those going through battles she overcame through prayer. Her religious affiliation or denomination is Presbyterian. New City Pres is the place to be for spiritual encouragement and new hope in Christ.

Who Are We?

Mission And Vision


The mission of New City Pres is to teach God’s word and encourage or motivate others to follow in the footsteps of Christ and enjoy the fruits that come with it.


Our aim is to become a leading online platform that shares the Gospel with other online users, encouraging them to accept Jesus as their God and savior to enjoy a close relationship with Him.