4 Tips for Improving the Church’s Atmosphere

The church’s atmosphere is essential because it determines to an extent, the church’s growth. Thus, you’ll need to check your church. Does your church atmosphere attract new members? Does it make old members yearn to come back for another time in the Lord’s presence? Do outsiders come in and see a reason to stay?

As a church, there’s a need to pay attention to details like this. Besides paying heed to the spiritual atmosphere, you also need to consider the physical aspect. One way to do that is by ensuring the air inside the church is just the perfect temperature.

Suppose your church is in an area that always experiences warm weather; getting an air cooler is the perfect solution. It’s cheaper and more effective so that the congregation can relax and assimilate the word of God without feeling discomfort.

The best part is that air coolers are easy to maintain and clean, so; it won’t be a bother. When the church begins to experience stagnancy or a decline in attendance, there’s a need to check both the physical and spiritual atmosphere. The following are ways to improve the atmosphere of your church and boost church growth.

1.  Make Church Fun

Always ensure the church is a fun and exciting place for your congregation. God isn’t boring, so coming to fellowship in His presence shouldn’t be a dull experience. People enjoy bringing neighbors, friends, and family to a fun church. It’s hard for a newcomer who falls asleep out of boredom during service to return. On the other hand, if they enjoy the service, they’ll possibly come back with other people.

Some people will argue that as Christians, we should always appear solemn in God’s presence. While that’s true to a reasonable extent, we ought to note the difference between being solemn and serious. As Christians, we can combine being exciting and fun with seriousness for God’s work. We ought to have a sense of humor, too, and manifest it often.

When a church is too solemn, the congregation only returns to it out of hurt or guilt.

2.  Learn to Work as a Team

To maintain the right church atmosphere and ensure the church grows, every church staff will need to work together with the pastor as a team. This practice will enable them to work smarter instead of harder.

As a pastor, when assembling your staff and leadership team, get people who have different personalities from yours. It’s okay to have over serious persons and jokers in the mix too. Learn to utilize the diverse gifts around you and delegate duties, using people in their strengths.

The message here is: try not to do everything yourself. However, to work together as a team in unity, the team must submit to the leader. On the other hand, the pastor needs to lead with love so that teamwork can take effect.

3.  Make Everyone a Part of the Ministry

It’s God’s wish that all be part of the Body of Christ and help build it up. When one person fails to perform their role, it affects the Body. A church is beyond the program or building; it’s the people manifesting the love for God and their fellow humans, as commanded by Jesus.

There’s no room for spectators in the church, and members who don’t participate fully aren’t also completely plugged into the Body’s life source. Christ designed the church in such a manner that there’s no room for pew-sitters. So if any member tries sitting idly by, others will pull, push, and nudge you till you’re forced to amend your way or leave to another church.

4.  Expect Failure and Make Plans to Re-strategize

Failure is a requirement for success. Every successful person has at one time, or the other failed. Leaders who hide their failures are hypocritical and foolish. Strong people make mistakes, too; However, they admit their wrongs and learn from them. That way, they become stronger and gain their followers’ respect.

While working to grow the church, expect failure at some point and make plans to restrategize immediately to get back on track. That way, the church growth wouldn’t suffer.


The church’s atmosphere largely affects its growth and quality of members. A fun and exciting church will have members looking forward to another time to gather and newcomers returning with more people, while a solemn church has the opposite effect.

Following the tips mentioned above will enable your church to witness a fresh atmosphere that’ll appear like a magnet that draws people to God. For more tips on Christian living, please visit our website.